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Debris Leaf Pool Cover

100%Australian Made

SaveCost and Time

Highest QualityPolyethylene Resins with UV Stabilising Systems

Quality debris pool covers and meshes custom-made to your requirements

Our leaf and debris pool covers and mesh are created with the key function of keeping leaves and debris from entering the pool. The covers are designed in such a way that they won't warm the water and retain any heat while the pool is sealed.

Types of debris covers

  • Debris & Winter Leaf Covers8 year Pro-rata warranty
  • How to Measure Debris Leaf Pool Cover  

The Debris and Winter Leaf Cover is designed to give your pool the best protection at any time of the year by keeping the leaves, dirt and debris out of the water. In addition to keeping your pool clean it also can reduce pool water evaporation and significantly reduce your pool chemical usage while your pool is hibernating during the winters.

Pool Debris Cover
  • Impervious to leaves & debris
  • 8 year pro-rata warranty
  • Easy to handle, effective and light-weight
  • Reduce evaporation by up to 70%
  • Simple non-stub attachment
  • Custom made to suit any shape, size and surrounds
  • Allows rain water through
  • Easy for leaves and debris to blow off

5-step Guide To Measure Your Swimming Pool For A Sydney City Debris Pool Cover

Swimming pools are made in all shapes and sizes, so are our pool covers. For a pool cover that fits perfectly, you need to know the exact dimension of your swimming pool.

Things you’ll need: a tape measure, two coils of rope, a pencil and a notepad.

Here is a 5-step guide to take you through the measuring process.

  1. Measure the inside area of the pool. If your pool is a rectangle, take the length and breadth of the pool using a tape measure.
  2. However, if your pool is oddly shaped, use the ropes to make a rectangle around it. This helps us create a cover in the right size. Remember, the sides of the rectangle should overlap the edges of your pool leaving no gaps. Now, measure the rope.
  3. If you’ve a square pool, measuring one side alone would suffice to calculate the area. If your pool is round, you need to measure the diameter.
  4. If there is an extension for steps, calculate the length and breadth of the steps separately.
  5. Write down the measurements on a notepad and keep it at hand while you give us a call.

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