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Born and built in the city of Sydney, Australia, Sydney City Pool Covers specializes in providing you with reliable and high-quality swimming pool covers, for both domestic and commercial purposes anywhere in Australia. With our wide selection of pool covers, services and options, we offer you the safest and top quality choices for all of your pool cover needs, free of charge. Our team at Sydney City Pool Covers has a wealth of experience in the field and has been serving satisfied customers all around Australia and around the world for year

Our quality products and reliable services define us and we take pride in being able to provide you with personalized and customizable products and services. When you work with Sydney City Pool Covers, you can expect superior products and excellent customer service, every time. Be it a winter cover for your pool or a debris cover, you will find the perfect option for your pool requirements

Our services are available to all the states of Australia including New South Wales, ACT, Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania.

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Unlike regular pool shops, we only sell Pool Covers and Rollers which are 100% made in Australia. This helps us to offer you the best prices, warranty and customized service. Additionally, you will also be taken care of by one of our industry experts, understanding and catering to you specific requirements on a one-to-one basis which leads to saving your time and money. Along with this, we strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding clients' expectations.

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